Why are we starting a brand new church in the greater South Tulsa Area?

That’s a question we get asked almost every day, and it’s a question we had to answer even for ourselves.

When you look around the greater Tulsa Metro area, no doubt there are amazing churches just about on every corner. So why in the world would we take such a big leap of faith and open the doors to yet another church, when there seems to already be so many?

Sure, we could pack up all our belongings and find a city with fewer churches, in an area that seemingly needs a strong faith movement, but God has not called us away. He has called us to be faithful where he has already positioned us. Every morning when my wife and I wake up, we know beyond a shadow of a doubt, with everything inside us, that God has called us to South Tulsa and the amazing communities that surround us. No doubt He has given us a heart for this area and now we get the joy of following His plan for our family in the very community we have grown to love so much.

Over the past few years living in Jenks, we have discovered that the communities of South Tulsa are an amazingly tight-knit community with some of the most amazing people we’ve ever met. There is a strong sense of community and family that we want to continue to build upon through The Connecting Co. Church. We recognize that the local church is the hope of the world, and we believe that it’s the local church that will be the hope of South Tulsa and the surrounding communities.

We believe that the presence of a life-giving local church whose emphasis on community and connecting people to each other and God, will have an eternal and lasting impact on these amazing communities and beyond, as we position ourselves to watch God bring us together stronger than ever. We are filled with great expectation that God is going to use a group of FAITH-FILLED people who are willing to say YES!

There are things we know. It is going to be difficult, and it already has been, at times uncertain, and it will require sacrifice. We also know that people are in need of a community they can truly connect find hope in all aspects of their life. That hope is Jesus!

We have always been passionate about strong, relational community and, as long as we are still breathing, we want as many people as possible to experience the best life possible. We believe this will happen through an intentional focus and pursuit of Presence over Production, People over Process, and most importantly JESUS over everything. We will be a church that is built on Jesus, by Jesus, and for Jesus!

We thank you all for your encouragement, for your continued support, and for believing in the dream that’s taken root in our hearts!

We love and appreciate YOU!

Travis & Leann Cherry
Lead Pastors | The Connecting Co. Church